Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ok. This is NOT written by me - it's penned by my witty namesake friend Paro aka Julie.

Just had to put it here for posterity.

And now I hand over to the one and only Mr. Chandrasekharan of the Chennai Coastal Non-Prevention of Cat Cruelty Society.

A Dedication

To nobody in particular.

Shall I a witty poem pen
or a charming story write?
or an eight part invention in the style of Bach compose
and top it with a fugue?
What if I a Mona Lisa paint,
with an expression of mystery unsurpassed?
Or summon the finest architects
and build you a Moulin Rouge?

Shall I the depths of the Earth plumb
to find you a diamond rare?
That conveys forth, no less true than divine word,
your irradiance 'yond compare.
And would you care to have immortalized
your mellifluous maiden name,
by dedication in clear white marble, no less,
that would make the Buonarotti weep in shame?

And should not this poem have an interlude
that rhymes not with the rest?
For you will want, no doubt, times without
my usual cheerfulness and zest;
Should boredom strike, you can simply cry
"Rearrange!" and reorder or request.
And change will be done, fear thee none,
I am greater than or equal to the test.

What brand of philosophy should I make my own,
what branch of science create?
What primitive school of thought shall I help advance,
as yet inchoate?
What style of writing shall I adopt,
what delicate balance in tonality and prose?
What seraphic agent beyond human ken employ
to star in my metaphors?

What dangerous, death defying task must I accomplish?
(pardon my literary device)
Which unholy nexus would you have me exploit,
which nepotic string pull?
What fickle insight must I comprehend,
what greater truth realize?
And what earnestness in feeling achieve,
that I may convey all this to you in full?



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