Saturday, July 10, 2004

Rev Radio

My friend Neville oh-so-wanna-be-Joshua Clemens lays claim that my enthusiasm for blogging has diminished.

Not true I say.
Not true at all.

This cycle of blogging is but natural.

So what has been taking up my time of late??*

For one thing, I've just started hosting a revolutionary radio request show on my college network.

The revolutionary idea I had was this: Every night, I invite a few of my friends over to my room and over the course of an hour I proceed to mock-interview these people and poke fun at many other people. I also intersperse the talking with great music that one is unlikely to hear on radio.

One hour of great music + hilariously unprofessional RJing = great fun!

And I named this revolutionary concept show 'Revolution Radio'!

Now I think I'll name myself Guevera as well.

Anyhow, it's an underground show cause my guests and I tend to say pretty unparliamentray things.

For example, Anta and Challa addressed my privileged audience as "Bhaiyon aur Behen Ke laude". Needless to say, that was a difficult show to pull off. Esp. the few minutes where Anta so desperately wanted to detail the defecation mechanism of his room neighbour Chepi!(*)

Not good for the ratings I thought. But interestingly, not only did they not fall, on the next night I had significantly more listeners.

So that's what I do on the show now. Trash talk. And swear. Give the people what they want. It's a load of fun.

Apart from that, I've finally started tending to my duties as the Lit. Coordinator.
My first step is to form a team so that I can delegate my work and get back to my radio show.
That I do tomorrow.

So yes, despite what anyone claims, I am busy.


(*) .mp3 recordings of the show are available for free distribution with me. So if anyone's interested in hearing four IITM suitable-boys laughing loudly, do send me a request.

Friday, July 02, 2004


I remember reading that the reason Einstein gave for pursuing physics rather than mathematics, in spite of having a natural inclination to mathematics, was as follows:

Old Albert said that Young Albert was so enthralled by problems in mathematics that he would spend weeks in solitude working out solutions to many beautiful little problems he came across. But to Young Albert, in mathematics, all problems - every unsolved partial differential, every paradox of the theory of the infinite, every intractable contradiction of alternative geometries, EVERYTHING - appeared intricately beautiful. And thus EVERYTHING was equally attractive; meaning Young Albert could find no basis to look into one class of problems in preference to another.

And therein lay the catch; for obviously not ALL problems in mathematics were equally important and Hilbert's list was as yet non-existent. Meaning that the blinding uniform beauty of mathematics threatened Einstein's desire for purpose. The rest is now the history of relativity.

So there - in this simple dilemma - ends the similarity between Einstein and myself.

Now consider the differences:

Foremost, Einstein had the advantage of the slight matter of a few more grey cells than I possess. Meaning that ultimately it probably wouldn;t have mattered what he chose anyhow.

Secondly, Einstein's options were pretty limited:
a) Change the world of mathematics
b) Change the world of physics
Regardless, change the world.

I on the other hand, must take into account:
a) X-boxes and Playstations?
b) Crossword and Oxford and Strand?
c) World Bank and WTO?
d) ICICI Prudential?
e) TAS

Definite justification for belief in reincarnation I think.