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The Charm of Rhyme

Few professional partnerships prompt audiences to exclaim "Woah Siva Shankara!" And then there are the elite amongst these that have moulded the collective consciousness of their time - Woodward and Bernstein, Laurel and Hardy, Calvin and Hobbes, Van GauGau and Total Raja, Ebert and Roeper, Butch and Sundance etc.

Woah Siva Shankara!! Van GauGau and Total??? *

Yes, it's true, you may not be fans, you may not like their brutal honesty in the face of adversity, you may shudder and cower at the sight of them (more likely that of Van GauGau - I mean, just look at him; ugh!), you may not agree with their dark and sordid un-bubblegummy world view, you may not care for their adjectives (un-bubblegummy??), but we hope that at the very least they'll have you break out into a smile.

Without further ado, here are the few remaining saved masterworks of the delectably delinquent Van GauGau and Total Raja. **


(from gaugau’s account: during the heydays of Shakey’s love)
The following are Shakey's feelings which i am having to air ... because he's too
drunk to type ...

A Ditty for Aditi…

Whiskey, rum, gin and Sherry
What a mix; you make me merry
Khatti like mango Karry
let us take the bombay ferry
we'll together open a dairy
we r a couple, like Tom and Jerry
i am the wild crazy strawberry
u r the sweet and red hot cherry
i know u think i very scary
but i am not just some tom dick or harry

to cut it short ...
my lovely fairy...
will u me marry ?

Total and Gaugau with feelings from Shakey (7510)
and dirty lines from Toxie


(during Gaugau’s joos rampage: the first EVER juice abt Ampy)

I think you're so Vampy
You make my heart go Yippity-Dampy
In front of you other girls look so trampy
In Europe we'll meet up in the town of Bratislampy.
We can live in a Red Indian tepee
Just like my granny and my Grampy.
That's it. I'll tune in to < >'s Winampy.


p.s. < > this space for sale. RJs pls contact 7506.


(gaugau’s bongali proposal to mun^2)

Aami tumoko bhalo bhashi ...
tomi amar Roshogolla ..
Tomi amar Mishti Doi ..
u are better than CPI and CPI-ML ...
ee na cholbay... ee cholbay na ...
tumi amar hobay .. right here right naw ..

Ghau Ghau Moshai


(more crap during the gaugau rampage)

Oh my Vanashreee...
Lets run around a tree...
Lets go to FR and get pepsi free ..
u be mine, urs i'll be ...
dum de da dum de de..
On SPSS i'll plot a a scree
in ur love i make bad poetry



(the first in the series of gaugau’s pre-exchange blues)

Tigress tigress burning bringht ....
in the wimwi day and nite ..
u are perfect, u r right ..
tum pe main marunga fight ..
I am Clinton u are Albright
u r the jeans that fits me tight..
ok i sleep now goodnite.

William gaugau Blake


(the one direct from the heart)

Sonalisa Sonalia ...
I'll go to the Louvre and repaint the Monalisa ..
i'll go to Italy ... but i'll see u in Pisa ...
Your face will be there in the anchovis on the pizza....

If u say, i'll cancel my Visa...
(Bach jaye ga mere baap ka thoda paisa ;)
nahin koi tumhare jaisa ...
Sonalisa Sonalisa

Vincent Van GauGau


For Deepthi, written before Gaugau embarks on his epic exchange sojourn to Italy.

deepthi rajeshwari tatineni
you are my feni
you are my one and onli
won't you give me compani
on these days that are raini?

ditch that silly bf - ugh! popat!
with that silly little army-style crewcut
and nothing to compensate for all that
but that itsy-bitsy tight butt

auug, I mean... forget it, I'm your man
after I come back from europe
we can get together and do the can can
and this time I promise I won't screw up.


(the last one before the exchange)

I'm throwing me a farewell party. Bow wow!
First come first serve. Now now,
None of that fighting, dishum dishum pow pow!
Form a line. No pushing, shove shove.

Bet ur asking who what when where how. How-
rah Bridge, Saturday night. Bring pigs, Bring sow. So W-
e'll have ourselves a super duper luau. Luau?
Hawaian feast basically. Good chow. Ciao,

Gau Gau


(hahahhahaha. The Rap song - hot on the heels of mass listenings of LudaKrishna. From Total's account)

For Once... I am Short of Words

I walk through the forest,
i look at a tree...
i ask my maker
whatay devine mystery...

i have red many a pages of history
from Tolstoy to Dostoyevsky...
i have drowned my pains..
some times rum sometimes whisky..

i want to repent for my wonton ways...
no more horses no more gays...
no more shrieks and no more brays ..
a one woman man i shal be
no more handcuffs no more flays
no more parties or one night lays
i have emptied my fridge..
it got no more baffle trays.

getting bak to da point ..
baby here me so...
i aint got no..
saaa tiss faak shunn
lets cut the crap
this aint no time for rap ..

im so geeky im so classy,
i'll be the kid, u be my lassy,
i think u r of the best pedigree,
dont complain to pgp...
they may take away my degee
ohh i love u so vanashree

also found filigree ... fit where applicable.
Blessed are the geek
For they shall inherit the earth.

- Total 5:5


(one more from the stable of Shaky)

The mathematecian's problem

Suppose there is hairy* mathematician in D1510,
who for ever and ever has been a singleton..
let us also assume he has the bigest biceps on campus ..
and he did it 73 times on the informals stage...
we are talking about push-ups here ...

Furthur let us question his virility...
takeing the right hand limit to infinity,

Vinu: wow panky !! this problem is quite seminal !!
Dolly: Panky darling u r sensational !!

Shakey: Shut up u two minions !! the questions is....
what is the closed form solution to the Derichlet Integrel?

Chakra: Abe lekin ye juce kahan hua !!

Shakey: Abe bewakoof ....
cant u see it is all part of my strategy (the subject i love) ...
Obviously ne girl who has red thus far is the one for me
come baby spank me ...
waiting is ur panky !!


i'll be the roop ...
u be my rani ..
i just hope..
it's u vaani..
if u say no ..
i'll give up juice and drink onli paani !!


* poetic licence

(from Slippy’s account: in anger at his having made me wake up unnecessarily at the unearthly hour of 8.45 to attend a non-existent AMDA class)

Deepthi Meri Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Tu meraaaaaa Xena
Main tera Sabrina

Chalo hum dono jaadu kar sakton
Phir is duniya mein aaa jaatoon

Tumko dekhe Angrezi bhool jaaton
Aaon yeh bakwaasi Hindi mein karen mulakaaton

Hum dono Pcom ko chod jaaton
Fine ke paisa se, aao
Diu jaaton.

Yourj truli,


(from Inja’s account: following her harrowing showdown with the HHM Prof.)

I love everyone…

But the stupid HHM prof.
I hate to scoff
But he's countrier than Anta
I hate to rant. Aaaaa!!
But he's dumber than Gobu
I hate to Sob. Ooooh
But he's hairier than Challa
I hate that fella'
He's stubborner than Lakshman
Thank God his classes are all done
He's idioticer than Tharki
And to top it all, very ugli.
He's irritatinger than Total
I hate him hate him hate HHM. So tell
Him he ain't nobody's boss.
I need to call someone... Booooooooooopooossssss.

If electricity comes from electrons does it mean morality comes from morons?


* Here's who to throw the muck at:

** Taken from the archives of the Juice NB, DBabble, IIM-A Server, 2004-05


At 11:03 AM, Blogger luke said...

well i guess taht why he had to compose 4 so many gals its so obvous ...kidding ...:)))

At 7:48 AM, Blogger Tulsi said...

Hi there Bril kid ;)
I am from Kerala - real novice here at . But I really REALLY liked ur blogs as well as ur picture collection in ur web page- Keep going- u will definitely go a longgggg way.
Love n Prayers,
Deepthy ( Tulsi is my username here ;)

At 10:42 AM, Blogger blackadder said...

Hey Total Kumar Longfellow, was great going over these gems once again. Juice nb is so sad these days man, fachchas are not living up to the traditions of their ummmm dare I say it, ancestors. Maybe you two can come down here as visiting faculty and run a seminar course on the art of juicing.

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I enjoyed Reading your Blog. This one was one of the Best I read today. Thank you
I just added your blog to my book marks and will be checking back often.


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Hey Cue.. this is chiru.. keep in touch


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