Tuesday, May 03, 2005



rivers, hats, eyes (cats')
mirrors, screens, edges, beams
hedges, screams, bone, shivers
iron, stones, brick, phones, concrete
inks, paint, dyes, neckties
buttons, threads, spines, lines
whiskeys, beers (Foster's), wines
bottles, dials, watchstraps, earrings
channels, treadmills, chocolates, smiles
signals, glares, menus, glances
needles, doodles, needs, desires
wicker, candle, spoons, stances
bookstores, parks, someone else's larks
sands , refusals, pockets, touches
corners, shadows, tremors, coffee
words, pro-nun-c-a-shuns
stories, fictions, oceans
history, secrets, mystery, dusks
scratches, bruises, dawns, feathers
ochres, mocha, streets, lanes
welcomes, parting, waiting, mountains
pleasures, errant limbs, measures
dinners, brunches, sinners, saints
losses, deserts, my lonelinesses
shoulders, hungers, lightning showers
yesses, nos, dresses, stresses
hours, concerts, two towers.

in what shall I immerse myself
to forget these
traces of you. everywhere.


At 6:55 PM, Blogger madatadam said...


vodka, beer, rum and coke
whiskey, brandy and some dope
silly movies, TV shows
4-cheese pizza, cheesy jokes
sandy beaches, mountain trails
skiing, surfing, hunting whales
chanting names, counting beads
arcade games, binges, sprees
cricket, football, hockey, chess
goals and runs, hits and misses
works of art, paints and dyes
books with lots of learned lies
falls, bruises, cuts and grouses
quakes, pickaxes, graves, taxes
mighty ducks, fallen clucks
aspirin for midnight lunches
palindromes, paradoxes
fobias with grinning paunches
autumn leaves, summer snow
high-school sweethearts, blisters, sores
crackpot friends, cracked soles
midterm grades, sinus colds
alpha males, susan sonntag
mists, leaves, thorns, dreams
nights, fevers, loneliness

i feel your absence
it hurts.


At 8:36 PM, Blogger musings (m000nie) said...

this is a lovely way to show how much u miss someone...very nice..even the comment is well made by madatadam...

At 11:14 PM, Blogger cue. said...

@Shyam - soofer!

@musings - thanks!

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