Sunday, January 30, 2005

This however is by me. Let sleeping ghosts lie.


Today this rocket'll be my weapon of choice
Or maybe a silver bullet through the heart
I'll do it without the slightest noise
With strength and grace and samurai poise.
I suppose then I'll use a poison dart
For subtlety too must play a part!

Sheaake it uuup baby; twist and shout
Paint me red and call me Supertramp
You left no shadow of a doubt
That we could work it all out
I'll shoot and kill and gen-o-cide and stamp
Out the memories of yesterday's ramp!

Now; that Stryker's got his blood-scent on me.
But Pan and I and Fly'll form a nexus
And we'll have ourselves a jolly killing spree
And I'll have Stryker get on his knee
Dance and preen and do his trademark flexes
Before I reach out and kick him in the solar plexus!

Strange such bloodshed can end in peace
Of mind; all to free the demons chained inside
A balm to calm and slowly ease
The pain of a happy summer breeze.
Erase. Rewind. It’s time to move on, beside
Time that part of Me that I call You died.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger jyoey said...

Also, have you heard this poem of Enrique Iglesias "I will Survive".


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